The Soyuz Fall Collection designed by Analog Prints

Fall Apparel

Designed by Analog Prints

The Inspiration

Living in Michigan all my life, fall has always been the most beautiful time of the year. As it gets colder, t-shirts get put away, and it's time to break out that sweet jacket you picked up last year. Green changes to red, purple, brown, and yellow. I've seen it for over 40 years, and it's always shocking and inspiring—exactly how I felt when I first used a Soyuz microphone

Design Highlights

David often mentions his love for Prime numbers (017, 013, 023, 1973...), and I thought three leaves would be a cool nod to that. I love the geometry that makes up the 017 shape and thought that it was iconic enough to keep this very simple without a bunch of words all over the clothing. The leaves change from green to orange to red, and the top green leaf with the microphone capsule resembles an eye, commonly associated with intelligence, light, moral conscience, and truth. The second part of the design is made up of five leaves (another prime number) with the name cut from them. These elements echo Soyuz’s own commitment to precision, aesthetic detail, and a touch of the unexpected—qualities we hold dear in every product we offer.

The Future

And this is just the beginning. In the future, we're excited to invite artists and musicians we admire to contribute their unique perspectives to the Soyuz Merch line, adding more layers of creativity and ingenuity to an already exciting range of products.


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Unisex 3 Leaf T-shirtUnisex 3 Leaf T-shirt
Unisex 3 Leaf T-shirt Sale price$30.00
Soyuz 3 Leaf HoodieSoyuz 3 Leaf Hoodie
Soyuz 3 Leaf Hoodie Sale price$60.00
Soyuz 3 Leaf SweatshirtSoyuz 3 Leaf Sweatshirt
Soyuz 3 Leaf Sweatshirt Sale price$40.00
3 Leaf Corduroy Hat3 Leaf Corduroy Hat
3 Leaf Corduroy Hat Sale price$30.00
Organic Ribbed 3 Leaf beanieOrganic Ribbed 3 Leaf beanie
3 Leaf Premium Recycled Bomber Jacket3 Leaf Premium Recycled Bomber Jacket