Built With Love

Do you miss the days when craftsmanship mattered? When work was done in-house. When a product went from idea to completion under the same roof, shepherded along by a single team with a common dream. So do we. That’s why we make our mics the way we do. It’s less efficient than outsourcing to large factories overseas. But the results make it all worthwhile.

A Forever Microphone

Our mics are expensive and worth every penny. But until now they’ve been out of reach for many. So we set ourselves the goal of designing and building a Soyuz that could be sold for an affordable price. A people’s mic.We optimized where we could. We included only what was essential and we were able to create a less expensive microphone that we could be truly proud of.We present to you, the Soyuz 1973.

Reviving The Golden Age Of FETs

Inspired by the golden age of FET mics, the 1973 features a version of our now legendary Bomblet capsule, who’s lineage began in the AKG factory in 1953, was refined by LOMO in the early 1970s and was then further redesigned by our own white-coated engineers.

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