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I finally got around to using my 1973 on a session (I'm still planning on doing a review comparing it to the Bomblet). In short, freaking fantastic on electric guitar. Had to do some country licks on my telecaster through my little Matchless Baby, that's the best I've heard that amp with the least amount of work. I was ready to EQ and Compress it on my API console, didn't need it.
WOW. It's like the secret ingredient that you didn't know you were missing. Even my cheaper $50 XLR mics sound like they could be in a studio.
The Launcher is profoundly different to fethead/cloudlifter devices - yes it provides gain, but it colours the signal. For speech the effect is beautiful with mics such as the SM7b and also the Rode Procaster.
I've used the 1973 on a whole bunch of VO for commercials and I'm very impressed with it. It has a great broadcast sound. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to like this mic as much as I do.
I use this with a SM7b for screaming vocals and it's oh so good. I love this thing and would recommend it to anyone.